lots of interesting things in the works...

Yes I know I haven’t been blogging every day like I used to…and no that’s not really intentional, it’s just a side effect of me taking on more than I can actually handle (as usual). Sorry.

In any event, I do have some interesting things rolling around in my head that I hope to get more time to write about very soon:

1. Some of the more interesting and annoying things I’ve learned and/or encountered about porting a prototype/scriptaculous/php application (like Hero Brawl) to the facebook platform…I especially want to talk about standard javascript vs. facebook javascript (I spent WAY too much time figuring out the differences and nobody else seems to be talking about it yet – or more likely I was just too stupid and lazy to find what everyone else has said – so I’m going to take my own stab at explaining it all or at least the basics of it).

2. Hero Brawl is now at what I like to call version 1, phase 1…it’s a playable game on both herobrawl.com and facebook…and for a select few it’s even a fun and addictive game…but it’s not yet addictive or playable enough for the general public…and worse, it’s not yet compelling people to buy credits or fill out offers to earn free credits (that we get cash for)…so those are some of the next challenges I need to face and solve…in a lot of ways they are VERY interesting and important, but they are also out of my ‘developer’ world focus and therefore more difficult for me to solve (it’s OK though because I do have a bit of a closet passion for marketing and sales and so I look forward to the chance to actually solve these things - but don’t tell anyone)

3. The momentum project I’m working on is already taking some very interesting twists and turns and posing a few technical challenges. The good news though is that my excitement and the potential I see for the project continues to grow the more I think about the challenges and the solutions…and even better it’s really motivating me to finally dig deeper into understanding semantic technologies, the internals of search engines, and all the algorithms that go along with that type of stuff (of course it’s also stuff that can turn your brain to mush in about 10 minutes or less - so you have to be careful with the amount of time you commit to it each day). Believe it or not though, with a limited data set and our simplistic algorithms (and logic) we’ve already got a prototype returning some pretty interesting things! I think I’ll even have a link to something I can share and you can play with (and tear apart) before too long - way cool!

4. One of the downsides to working from home most of the time is that I have no forced down time…and so I hardly ever get any 'reading’ time in (ah how I miss that old hour long bus ride to the city pre-kids)…I’m about ½ way through three or four tech. books right now and every time I go to the store (or check out amazon) my wish list of things to read just grows and grows…we really need to figure out how to extend days to 30 or more hours, weeks to 9 or more days, and life-spans to 200 or more years…I still wouldn’t be able to master all the things I want, but I’d have a much better shot of maybe mastering one or two ;-)

OK enough for now - I’m off to watch 'Eagle Eye’ and dig into my newest addition of tech books 'Collective Intelligence in Action’ (bought it today)!

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