Man I love sleep.

I’m currently three chapters behind schedule with the SimpleDB book. I have a massive and growing list of to-do items for both and And there’s always a million things I want to do for my own projects.

So, with all that weighing on me, what did I do last night? I laid down in my bed around 7:30pm for a quick rest while my wife was trying to get the kids ready for bed…and then I proceeded not to wake up until 7:00am the next morning!

That’s almost twelve hours of sleep…and honestly I could have slept awhile longer today (but someone’s gotta get the kids ready in the mornings and take them to camp and school).

I’m not saying it’s ideal to waste this much time sleeping…and I’m not even recommending it for everyone…but I do end up crashing like that every couple of months or so.

I think it’s just because of the usual day-to-day schedule that I maintain.

I mean currently I’m working a regular 40hr. week for, another 16-20 hours a week for Bowker, writing a 250+ page book for Apress, and trying to get my own,,,, and projects back off the ground. On top of all of that, I try to be an active and involved husband and father to my wife and kids and I also try to stay in some form of shape by working out at least three or four times a week (I usually run for an hour on the treadmill in our basement or run for a half hour at the treadmill at the gym and swim for another half hour - I would love to work back in some weight training but just haven’t yet).

Anyway, the fact is, it all catches up with me sometimes. But whatever reason I was so tired was, I def. feel great today and have been able to focus on, and get through, a large pile of work today.

Hopefully I can keep the energy and momentum going for a couple more months before I need another one of these ‘power naps’! :)

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