Meeting incredible people!

I had a chance to meet with a few people involved behind the scenes in today…and my first reaction was simply “AWESOME”.

I’ve only know about for about a week now, but apparently they have been crushing it for the last year plus…and are growing like crazy (with real revenues and even PROFITS coming in).

Because of the rocket success, they are of course having all the good problems and challenges (like how to scale)…and though we didn’t really get into too many tech. details, I did get a little bit of an inside peek at how they are handling the challenge of sending out gobs-o-email pretty much all at once (so that everyone learns about a sale starting at noon…at uh, noon).

It’s the type of thing that seems simple on the surface but quickly blows up into problem after problem as you dig into the details of dealing with data of a massive scale…and it’s just the kind of tech. stuff I’m always fascinated by.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to getting another chance to learn more from these new contacts in the future…and maybe figure out a way to get myself at least a little involved in all the fun stuff they are doing!

BTW - if you’re interested, they are looking to hire great people…if I were looking for a job, this would be one company high on my list!

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