Posts have been a bit slow coming throughout this summer…and they are most likely going to continue to be a short distance apart for at least the next few weeks. I just have too many things going on, and with most of them I’m a bit too stuck in the hum-drum details of each to write much interesting stuff (at least stuff I think you might find interesting that is).

With so many different things going on at once, you might wonder what keeps me motivated to keep each moving along at least a little bit each day…the short answer is that I just love building stuff people use.

If someone shares an idea with me, or I have one of my own, if I can be convinced that people might actually want to use it…I have a hard time NOT putting in some work on the idea.

A lot of times it means I spend gobs-o-time building out stuff that never really takes off for one reason or another…but I do like to think I have gotten better at picking projects over the years…and regardless of the outcome of the project, I’m always learning something interesting.

Which leads me to the second thing that’s a real motivating factor for me…I’ve never really cared about being the best at something or being number one…I only care about being better than I already am right now. Better than what I’ve done in the past. And that’s something that I can strive for…something that always drives me…

So what about you? What motivates you to keep doing what your doing even in the dog-days of summer?

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