My online spending is keeping me up at night!

My dog woke me up around 4am to go outside this morning…and as is usual when he does that, I used the time while he was outside to do a quick check-in on some email and such. Turns out one of my data-collection processes had crashed. Annoying, but it wasn’t a critical one and I was pretty tired, so I figured it could wait until morning to be restarted.  I went back to bed.

As I lay in bed trying to fall back asleep I was only mildly struggling with not taking the time to restart that service…instead what my mind got focused on, for no reason that I can actually explain, was a brief Twitter conversation I had with Albert Wenger earlier in the day.

After finishing up the audio book version of ’Antifragile’, I was on Amazon looking for a book to put on my new Kindle (I went with ’The way to go’ which is an intro level book on the Go programming language), and it inspired this tweet:

To which Albert then eventually replied:

And I quickly responded (to quickly in hindsight):

But as I lay in bed trying to fall back asleep, I started to realize that I probably (unintentionally) lied in my last Tweet…I actually *do* spend quite a bit of money online.

In addition to all the Amazon stuff I mentioned, I also spend a decent amount each year with GoDaddy and other registars (for domain names) and I have active monthly subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud, Mailgun, Netflix, and Hulu.

Plus I participate in the occasional Kickstarter campaign and make various donations to things like Donors Choose and other things I believe in.

When it’s all said and done, I probably spend in the range of $300-$500 a month on all these online things…so not a 'fortune’ but certainly not chump change either (I used to pay less than that in rent each month back in the day).

I still think overall, Amazon makes the most money from me (at least I’m sticking with that part of the response)…but the rest of the conversation kept me up long enough last night that I felt I had to at least expand a bit on my answer today…so there you have it!

Oh and yes, I did restart that crashed service already.

Now…I wonder if I can fit in a nap without my brain and conscience getting in the way…

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