My recent reading list...

When it comes to reading, I generally go in spurts.

I’ll go for months without finding time to read much of anything (not counting blogs and links to awesome content points out to me) and then, I’ll suddenly read a handful of books almost all at once.

The past few weeks, I’ve been in the ‘read’ mode and have powered through four books, all of which I really enjoyed and highly recommend.  Here they are (in the order I read them, latest first):

Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software

Awesome tidbits of knowledge behind electricity, language, numbers, and math. Gets to the core of the 'why’ behind computers and, really, our current society.  I’m very anxious for my kids to be 'ready’ to read this book (the 8 year old is probably getting close to being ready – though I don’t know if it would hold his attention enough yet).

Steve Jobs

Seems like everyone is reading this right now, so most people probably have their own opinions on this book already.  The thing that surprised and delighted me the most throughout the book was how much it revealed the emotion behind Steve Jobs (and Apple by extension).  Seems like there was a lot of crying that occurred throughout the ups and downs of building Apple and changing the world as we know it…and I think part of what made it so real and such a success.

Design With Emotion

From the start I bought 1,000% into this concept and have not been able to stop thinking about how to apply it to each of my projects. It’s really a simple concept, but I think it should be a big part of any project’s secret sauce…I know it will be for anything I’m involved in going forward.

Mobile First

Another quick read that I bought into from page one. I especially like the idea of using the limitations mobile brings to force you to simplify and minimize all aspects of your interface. There are a number of tidbits from this book that I’ll also be actively carrying forward into all my projects.

…so that’s what I’ve been reading, thinking about, and loving lately…what’s been on your recent reading list?

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