My side of a friendly debate re: Trump vs. Clinton

I know you’re a Trump supporter - so not trying to argue or even change your mind - but my reality is that Trump is *way* less trustworthy, *way* more selfish, and *way* more divisive.

He’s made most of his (questionable) fortune from scamming and cheating the poor and middle class…but more than anything, I don’t think you can treat people the way he has his whole life and still be considered a real leader. Reality is that because of my gender, race, religion, and economic status I’ll probably be fine if he gets elected…but just think about that statement and how scary it really is. The world should not be like that and I can’t support putting in leadership that believes it could/should.

Hillary has a record of questionable decisions because she’s spent years in the public eye and been in the situations that require you to make a choice even when there are no right choices to be made (hindsight is 20/20 in these things, and that’s the unfortunate nature of politics). Her years of public service have caused/forced her to be less transparent and more calculated than I would like…but seriously put yourself in her shoes in the moments you are worried about/question and be honest about how/what you would have done given the information you had at the time. Can you say *anyone* would have done a better/different job, and what would the outcome of been if you had?

Public office takes a certain mentality – a lot of patience, the ability to compromise on the small things to get the big things, the ability to listen, delegate, and to motivate. More than anything, it requires the ability to work with others…Trump has never shown any of that (he’s never even worked for anyone let alone with anyone to get something accomplished). He’s used to being the guy in charge, the one who sets the demands, has the leverage to force/get his way - and as great as America already is, that’s just not how things can/will get done in politics…at least not unless you are willing to turn our country into a dictatorship (I’m not).

Anyway - long rant way of saying, voting for Trump won’t get you what you think it will get you. It will be some level of change, but it will most likely be the change in how we as a country treat each other and others in the world.

Voting for Clinton will likely turn out to be more of the same (i.e. nothing really getting done because congress will passive-aggressively refuse to cooperate).

So what to do?

Vote for Clinton and then spend the next 4 years of ‘idle political time’ getting active in your local community/state - get the laws and government in place that *you* believe in enough to have made a reality…that’s the only way the country is *really* going to change…

Just my opinion…

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