My version of 'offline'.

My wife and I took full advantage of a vacation today…we both slept in till about 9am (the kids got up at 7 like usual, and went straight to the computers for their usual ‘weekend’ Minecraft fix).

Once we all finally got up and ready, we went to the Fairmont Country Store (a local little spot I really like) for breakfast, and then headed out to Easton Pa to check out the latest version of the Crayola Factory.

Our kids are actually getting a little big for the Crayola Factory, and we’ve gone there a bunch over the past 5 or 6 six years (it’s only about 45 minutes from our house), but they had done a big renovation over the winter and my wife had wanted to see what changed (mostly the price and the layout – but still overall fun).

We also stopped at a 25 Burgers for a late lunch on the way home…and are just now getting back.

Throughout the day (in down moments) I would catch up on some email and other communications, but otherwise I was almost entirely offline.

Now that I’m home for the night, I’m just doing a quick amount of catch up on some email, posting this rambling set of thoughts, debugging a few quick, small, things for pubgears and then I’m going to close down and play with the kids and the dog for a bit. Maybe even do a little reading.

Just the type of 'offline’ day I like to mix in every so often.

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