Network effects, modes, and the business of

As I build up and scale the backend I’ve also been jotting down my thoughts on the business throughout the summer…what follows are a few of those quick thoughts/notes.

Why share this stuff?

Well first, I believe in being as clear and open as possible.

Second, I’m hoping that by sharing these sort of details, those that are interested in the work I’m doing around, might also be interested in having an open conversation around the business of it all as well. And these sorts of details and posts can be the spark of those conversations.

So without further ado, here’s some random questions and my current answers around the business of

What is the atomic unit of

  • the conversation



what unique value does a single user provide to

  • search intent

searcher single player mode (ie. unique value a single user gets out of

  • search (find conversations)
  • alerts (conversations find you)

searcher multiplayer mode (ie. how searchers benefit from other searchers using

  • discovery (recent/related/popular queries, blogs, and results)
  • improved search quality (search algorithm training)

how do searchers benefit from bloggers using

  • more conversation data (higher chance of getting quality results; improved alerting)
  • access to more complete conversation data (posts and comments)
  • more recognition for their participation within the community (their comments are treated as top level, quality content)



what unique value does a blogger provide to

  • conversation data
  • community with search intent

blogger single player mode (ie. unique value a blogger gets out of

  • revenue share (% sponsored results & % user subscription fees)
  • search (easily find/reference your prior content)
  • analytics (# searches, # clicks, search terms)
  • backup (archived version of your posts and comments, api access to all your data)

blogger multiplayer mode (ie. how bloggers benefit from other bloggers using

  • revenue share (% of total advertising revenues - value and demand increase as system reach increases)
  • traffic (generate/share traffic between related/topical blogs)
  • alerts (learn when your blog is referenced by others in the system)

how do bloggers benefit from searchers using

  • more analytics data (higher accuracy insights)



what value does an advertiser provide to

  • money

what value does an advertiser get out of

  • targeted traffic from search driven intent
Of course breaking down each of the above questions and bullet points could probably be a full blog post on their own (in fact maybe they will be in the near future)…but hopefully this format is enough to at least get the conversation going.
So what do you think? What would you add?

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