New features, new features.

I spent a little time talking with my friend Peter Williams today about the Perl Quiz project. Pete’s a much much better Perl programmer than me (OK he is a much better programmer in general than me, but that’s besides the point).

Anyway, we dug into the code a little bit together and he pointed out some areas I could improve and different ways he would have implemented the various bits. And I’m proud to say that I’ve already implemented most of the changes (at least the ones I plan to do for now).

While I was at it, I also fixed up the ‘search’ feature for the front end. It’s still not a full featured search, but as a pure SQL implementation, I think it’s pretty good. Plus I fixed up an admin tool that was giving me some troubles thanks to some HTML checkboxes.

Each of those tasks had some interesting bits to them (especially the doing a complex join and where statement with DBIx::Class)…and so I hope write more about them on the Perlquiz blog soon (oh and yes, I did set Pete up as a writer over there as well…hopefully I can get him to at least dump a little knowledge on the rest of us over there from time to time!)

Outside of the updates/fixes to Perlquiz, I also threw together a new little feature/tool for today to deal with links.

The basic idea came from Charlie who threw a quick request out on Twitter today asking for a service that just listed the links that people he follows tweet throughout the day (BTW he’s CEONYC on Twitter and totally worth following).

The first version of what I came up with is at Honestly, it doesn’t do anything too exciting just yet, but I do have some ideas on how I’m going to make it a whole lot more interesting…so stay tuned for more on that soon.

Anyway - I’m now all 'new featured’ out for the day and gotta go wind down with something that doesn’t require me being planted in front of a computer for a bit!

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