New systems under way...

In my extremely limited free time I’ve been working quite hard to get a new system put together. It’s still a ways away from being ready for real users and leagues, but little by little it is starting to come together and I’m anxious to demo it in detail to a good friend, and fellow fantasy football fanatic, that will be visiting me next week.

As part of getting back into offering fantasy football leagues I’ll need statistics. That along with the fact that I still get questions about Statsfeed services and prices every few weeks from random people has convinced me to go ahead and start offering statsfeed once again as well.

Of course there are a large number of updates that I need/want to do to the statsfeed system, including scrubbing much of the historical statistics and moving from a Microsoft SQL server database to either a PostgreSQL database or a cloud solution like SimpleDB (moving to SimpleDB makes the most sense to fall in line with the book I’m also working on, but because of the high volume of the service and the costs associated with SimpleDB - I will probably just go with PostgreSQL. It’s just too hard to beat free.)

Once I’ve got the core supermug system built, and the new statsfeed system in place, I figure I might as well go ahead and round out the fantasy offerings by finishing up my conversion and cleanup work on draftwizard as well (at least the basic features and content for this season).

Once I’ve got those projects more or less out of the way, I’m going to dig back into herobrawl and implement an actual plot…and after that I just might finally get around to developing my cointhief idea.

At least all of that is my master plan heading into the summer (oh not to mention that I want to be done writing all the first drafts of chapters for the SimpleDB book by July as well)…but we’ll see what other projects or ideas pop up between here and there and how focus and productive I can actually stay!

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