Not a ton to report right now...

I’m finally diving back into my lengthy (and growing) to-do list, so I don’t really have anything specific to blabber on about tonight. But of course I do have a few more ideas to spew…

1. Kyle gave me some initial insider details about a new idea of his…I’ve dubbed it beta read, and we’re going to talk about it more soon…I think he’s onto something pretty good already though…so it will be interesting to see/help it develop.

2. I’m thinking about a new book idea that I might want to write…the basic premise would be to do a high level break down of the various programming language types (like functional programming, procedural programming, object oriented programming, etc.)…the main ‘lesson’ of the book would be to help newer programmers understand that they need to learn about as many different things as they can, taking what works for them, and incorporating it into their own style/skills…basically jeet kune do for programming.

3. Pat and I have been talking a lot about botfu ideas and personality lately…right now we are leaning towards using one of his developing comic book personalities as the main character of the site…which I’m very excited about…I don’t want to say too much about it just yet since we don’t have anything in stone, but I’m excited to get it going and I’m sure I’ll be updating everyone on it as we move along (or just watch the site to see it unfold in real time).

OK that’s about it for now…I’m off to hack on some more botfu stuff!

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