Not getting picked first

When I was a kid I loved backyard football games…I especially liked the pickup games where I was an unknown player.

I would almost never be picked first for teams in those games…but that never bothered me. In fact, it often motivated and fueled me. I was always convinced my team would be the winning team (I have never been short on confidence)…and that *I* would make the captain who didn’t pick me wish they had (and the one that did *very* happy they had).

Usually - after a game or two I would work my way up the ranks and end up always being picked near the top (still not always first though).

These days I don’t get many chances to get into backyard football games (and am too out of shape to be the game breaker of my youth)…instead my game of choice is that of startups and tech. projects.

And once again I often find myself not being picked (or funded) first…I feel that the expectations are low or underestimating…and honestly I love that. It excites me and it definitely drives me to ‘make another play’.

I’m just about to step onto the field again, and it’s going to be A LOT of fun proving I’m a game breaker one more time…and making those captains that do pick me *very* happy (and rewarded) to have me on the team.

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