NYC history: The awesome blogs edition.

My first visit to NYC was in the summer of 1999. I was 25 and always on the hunt for adventure…so I immediately fell in love with the size, the pace, and the spirit of the city (and I met an amazing woman there who would eventually become my wife).

So within a few short months, I would make the general NYC area my home (living first in Queens, then a bit further out on Long Island, and now in NJ – all the while remaining a short commute away from the core of the city).

Since then, my love of NYC has only grown. I still love roaming the streets on a nice day, exploring new parts of the city and all the little nooks and crannies that the average visitor never seems to notice.

And I really love the history of the city as well…it’s mind boggling to me to think that, since the rise of America as a global power house, almost every famous and notable person has spent at least a little time in NYC (many living here full time or at least for extended periods).

The places you grow up hearing about, reading about, and learning about…you can actually go directly to them and experience them for yourself!

So anyway - yes I love NYC…and as such, I’ve come across a few really great blogs that, if you share my love/interest in NYC I think you’ll enjoy:

The Bowery Boys

Ephemeral New York

Forgotten New York

…and if you’re not into the whole reading thing, and you have Amazon Prime…I also highly recommend watching:

American Experience: New York

After you’ve caught up on some of the fascinating history, then get out and explore some of the neighborhoods and places you’ve learned about (if you don’t live around NYC already, then come for a vacation at least).

It’s a great way to spend some free time!

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