Office space...

Recently, I’ve taken to sharing a photo via flicker to my twitter/facebook stream (I really only use Twitter and it synchs over to facebook automatically for me).

Mostly I do this just to give people a small peek into what my home office/world is like (I have finished basement that we use as ½ office space for me, ½ man cave, and ½ kids play area – you figure out the math).

Anyway - I realized that I hadn’t actually put up any of that on the blog, so I figured I would put a few up here real quick…so here they are.

My actual desk


For those of you wondering, the large screen in the middle is actually a Windows PC, the screen in the corner is attached to a Mac Mini, the two white laptops are both MacBooks (one of which normally lives up in the family room, but joined the group for the photo opp.), next is the iPad (which travels with me all over the place), and finally a Dell mini running Ubuntu (which isn’t actually out all that often either).

Though they are not shown, I also have two PC laptops (stored in the closet just off camera collecting dust) and another PC desktop dedicated to the kids at a desk also off camera. My wife also has a mac mini in her office (which is on the other side of the wall from this picture).

So, yes, we are a household of many computers.

Tech. books

Some books...

This is the majority of the tech. books I actually still own (I’ve given a handful away over the years and/or just never bought a physical copy of some). The order that these are in is mostly random, though I did group all the Ruby ones together jus to see how many I had (I went through a really strong Ruby phase awhile back and also bought all these to compare/learn from when I was writing the Pro Active Record book).

I also went through a heay Java period in the late 90s/early 2000s and as you can see still own most of those books. The rest are various topics that I’ve been into over the years and/or just wanted to learn more details about.

Yes - believe it or not, I have actually ready most of these books from cover-to-cover (because I enjoy it, and it’s a great way to pick up programming and language specific tips).

Marketing books

more books.

The second biggest collection of books I have is focused on sales, marketing, and advertising (though there are a few random things thrown in here too – like a Flash graphic novel, of which I actually own gobs).

To be honest with you, I actually enjoy reading marketing books more than I enjoy reading tech books (I find them a little less taxing on the brain, and cause me to dream more about being rich – which is always fun). Of this collection, my favorite books are by Jon Spoelstra (Ice to Eskimos, Marketing Outrageously, and Success is Just one Wish away are all AWESOME books)…but I also really enjoy most Jack Trout, Al Ries, Seth Godin, and Dan Kennedy books.

Anyway, not that any of you cared but there’s a quick peek into my world…enjoy!

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