One thing leads to another

I found myself in a small discussion yesterday about how one thing leads to another.

During that conversation, I mentioned that though it probably wouldn’t appear obvious to the outsider, each of my many hacks has, little-by-little, lead to my latest efforts.

That is, there are parts and experience (plus code) I have taken from each, that I then use to mold and shape my latest thing (this is part of the point I was trying to make in this past post too).

I won’t go through the whole history or list (because it’s too long and no one really cares) but to give you a quick example of the path I’m talking about: (Twitter API work) lead to (real-time recommendation engine based on automated search) lead to

and (blog and conversation search) has finally lead to

All of this means coach wizard has powerful search baked in from day one, does a lot of ‘intelligent recommendations’ and takes at least a little advantage of some social platforms and APIs.

So…the takeaway…do more 'random’ little stuff.

Of course while you’re doing more…keep in mind that within each of these given little products you should keep the features small and the scope tightly focused…but that’s something to talk about in another post I guess.

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