Out of time...

So I spent the morning finishing up my hack for the OnDeckCup hackathon (we ended up 2nd overall – which I’ll explain in more detail tomorrow).

After the hackathon, I headed uptown to meet with a few AVC regulars who in from out of town and chat…the people and the conversation was great and really engaging so I ended up staying until about 10pm before starting the trek back home.

Once home, I had to make sure to get our Cub Scout pack registered for an upcoming camping trip (today was the last day to register the pack; and as usual, I had to wait until the last minute to make sure I got official word from everyone that was in or out)…and now I’m finally get a few seconds to put this (mostly empty) post up.

This is the down side to only having 24 hours in a day…but the good news is that tomorrow has another 24, and now I’ve got lots of interesting things swirling around in my head that I want to chat over and share with you…so stay tuned!

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