At my core I’m a pretty lazy person. Given the opportunity I will usually procrastinate and I’m more than content to be a coach-potato for large chunks of the day.

So knowing that, and in an attempt to falling victim to it, I have a tendency to over-schedule and over-commit myself. I simply leave little-to-no time for slacking off and procrastinating…and as a whole it works for me (or at least I think I tend to be fairly productive from day-to-day).

The trouble is, when something goes wrong…such as being under the weather or simply hitting a much larger-than-expected hurdle…my commitments, and my failure to live up to them, can snowball.

That exhausts me…and I haven’t figured out a great solution for it yet…but it does force me to kick things up a notch from time to time (to catch back up) and I do sort of like the challenge from that…so it’s not all bad.

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