Playing a bit with discovery...10 interesting links.

I’m playing with a few small discovery ideas tonight (yes, related to some data)…I’m not sure if I’ll build this directly into anytime soon (I’ve got a ton of other things to get smoothed out there first).

The more I think about it, it probably makes more sense as a stand-alone, simple, daily email that just sends out 10 interesting links a day (maybe this would be a good use for my domain…hrm).

Anyway, here’s the initial results my test came up with tonight:

…so the double up on Seth Godin related links is pretty interesting (especially because I hope you’ll notice they are from completely different urls, talking about completely different things)…but this is the type of thing that can happen when you build in a random factor.
Overall though, I’m really digging almost all of these links…there is no personalization built into selecting these (so it’s a COMPLETELY different concept and approach than what I was doing with…and yet, at least in this initial case, I find almost all of them highly relevant and interesting.
I’ll have to run it for a few more days to see if that feeling continues…if it does, I’ll think a bit more about actually making it a stand-alone service (and maybe reveal a bit about the magic process the code is going through to select the links).
In the meantime I hope you enjoy the links (and please do let me know what you think about list – would a daily random list of this quality be something you would be into?)

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