Project love: Bootstrap

I think of my core skills mostly as backend developer stuff. Programming, databases, and server things - I love to collect, parse, and analyze data.

Through my history though, I’ve mostly been a one-man show (or close to it)…and so I’ve had to learn at least a little bit of everything including design, copy writing, marketing, sales, and so on.

I actually like having at least a little understanding of all that (and some I really enjoy a lot more than others)…but none of them are really what most people would call a core skill of mine. Design especially.

Which is where the Bootstrap project comes in.

It’s a great little CSS/Javascript library for making simple and clean front-ends for websites.

They recently released a large upgrade from version 2 to 3…and I’ve been working my way through upgrading my various in production sites (almost all of which use bootstrap).

The newest version has cleaned up a lot, but it also changed quite a bit of the core classes and organization (which just means having to do a bunch of little tweaks to a lot of my existing files).

Anyway - if you’re not a design or CSS guru, but you still want to have a nice clean, responsive, front-end to your website…I highly recommend you get bootstrap!

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