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I’m coming down with a bit of a cold and so I’m exhausted right now…so I’m just gonna throw out some bullet updates for the night:

- Donnie has been kicking butt behind the scenes and we now have a pretty solid and fast system for collecting data to our momentum project…now that it’s a bit more stable, I went ahead and added more/better Lucene support and we’ve all started to play with the things that gives us. I expect we’ll release some fairly interesting beta apps to be using this stuff very soon.

- I finally sat down and rewrote the entire IP validation process uses…on the plus side, the first version of that IP validation code was used by the system for at least the past 5 years (probably longer if I really think about it)…on the even more interesting side, I was able to rewrite the entire system, more or less from the ground up in less than a day. That included the code that does the validation as well as a handful of IP related reports. (to be fair, I did spend most of the night thinking about just what I was going to do while I was sleeping…I tend to do that a lot with little projects that are weighing on my mind. Perhasp I need to get out more?).

- I updated my poor man’s cache system for the homepage today so that it could be partially dynamic (so we could do better logging and such), but also partially static so that less frequently changed content would continue to load super fast.

- I got involved a bit in some Perl related discussions around the web over the weekend…and as such, I have an opportunity to get a mention for PerlQuiz on the very popular PerlBuzz site…I just gotta throw together a worthy post that they can use…and that’s why I’ve been dragging my feet a bit on it (I don’t want my first impression with most perlbuzz readers to be a bad or uninteresting one).

- I’ve now collected close to 50,000 Twitter bios (and counting). I’m going to be using them in some fashion with the momentum project…and as of late I’m thinking I might commit the domain to the idea I have bouncing around in my head related to this.

- If you’re looking for a solid developer to follow on Twitter, I’m totally digging @aurumaeus and @lmai right now. Both are doing some really interesting things and seem to be hitting (and solving) a lot of the same problems as me in my day to day.

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