Put it on my shoulders

Regardless of what my status on the team is, I always try to be the most committed, hardest-working player on the team.  I want the weight on my shoulders. I want the ball.

I have the confidence (or some would say ego) to believe I can make it happen…that I can change the game in our favor. And I don’t let little things like reality, my mistakes (and there are always plenty), or my track record get in the way or really slow me down.

It’s just how I am. It’s not planned…and I don’t think it’s learned…it just is.

On the rare occasion it catches up with me emotionally and I get a little disgruntled/worn down thinking about the fact that I’m always positioning myself to do the most work, put in the most hours, and generally take the least amount of reward for it all.

But the net sum of it all has provided for an amazing life so far, filled with people and work I really enjoy…so those complaints/emotions never last too long (besides, if they did, I would fall too far behind on what I want to get done).

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