Questioning Darwin

I caught a documentary on HBO GO today called “Questioning Darwin”.

From the Synopsis:

To those who believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible, Charles Darwin is the “antichrist” for developing the Theory of Evolution. Yet few people know that Darwin once intended to be a clergyman, or that his remains are interred in the vestibules of Westminster Abbey. It turns out that Darwin was genuinely torn between the religious beliefs he espoused as a young man, and the evidence he collected that would challenge the idea of Creationism.

Throughout the documentary they show various interviews with some creationists and some scientists.

For the record, I generally try to stay out of religious debates and conversations - mostly I believe whatever people want to believe is a personal choice that only they can decide.

However this documentary, and the creationists within it, were really frustrating and upsetting to me. Because they weren’t just following their own beliefs but they were doing so directly in the face of years of scientific proof *and* pushing those beliefs onto others as much as possible (including lots of impressionable kids).

I just didn’t (and still don’t) understand how these people (who seem completely normal in so many other ways) could think the way they do and make the arguments they make.

Not that this is my only major point of contention with their arguments, but the bible they are stating as *fact* was written a few hundred years *after* the events it references…that would be like us writing a book today about the American Revolution based only on the stories and tidbits of information that have been handed down to us since (and then treating every word within it as absolute and pure fact).

Forget the real science that backs up evolution and the age of the planet, and forget the fact that you can just look around your own life experiences and basically *feel* like evolution is probably more right than wrong…just believing *everything* in the bible is complete and utter FACT is just crazy to me.

So anyway - this documentary was an interesting thing to watch…and clearly got me rilled up.  All of which means, if you’ve got HBO, I would highly recommend you check it out yourself…and then think about the world we really live in (and at what stage in history/enlightenment we *really* are in)…

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