Quick hits...

1. I continue to love SIRIUS radio…I’ve been a ‘lifetime’ subscriber for a few years now and I’m still getting great value out of it (which means it’s now money well spent - awesome).

2. Charlie has an interesting experiement going on … it’s related to a conversation going around about how to properly measure your growth/success…I personally think almost all situations are unique, and so everyone will have different opinions…and so far that seems to be proving true.

3. I’ve spent most of my day, and most of my night (between two different projects) doing HTML clean up…for those of you that are just getting started with programming and/or scripting…please, PLEASE, PLEASE learn basic HTML. It’s really not that hard, and almost all your programs are going to be dynamically creating HTML at one point or another. Just do yourself a favor, and make sure you understand what you’re trying to generate before you spend a lot of time actually trying to generate it. (I spend so much time fixing up stupid things like this that it’s become a real pet peeve of mine!)

That’s about it for tonight since all my time was sapped by fixing up other people’s code (which, if you haven’t guessed, were simple HTML generation scripts).

I’m dying to get back to my fubnub.com upgrades because most of the heavy lifting is now done and I just have to get in there with the duct tape and put it all together…I just haven’t had the time thanks to other 'paying’ projects.

Hopefully tomorrow will present me with just enough time to move to the next step…but we’ll see.

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