quick tidbits to pass a slow day.

Just some random things I was thinking about today:

1. I went ahead and did an email blast to anyone that’s set up a Draftwizard.com account telling them about Hero Brawl and asking them to come check it out…the email supposedly went out to just over 10,000 people (cool), but in reality, close to 6,000 of those bounced or were spam blocked…so a safer guess is that about 4,000 or less actually got the email. Of those that got it, so far about 40 went ahead and set up accounts. Considering it’s really not a targeted list, and it was the day before a holiday (when lots of regular people took off and aren’t checking email), I’m pretty happy with that result.

If nothing else, it brings our hero numbers up to 200 accounts! A number I’m happy to start with considering last year at this time, the project was nothing more than an idea and a conversation I had with my friend Heath in the grocery store as we grabbed some last minute items for the Thanksgiving feast we were going to sharing the next day.

Oh and even more interesting, with only 200 accounts, we’ve already logged over 7,000 actual brawls…which to me says, those that get into the game, REALLY get into the game. Nice.

The next steps will be to continue to improve the game play and usability as well as add in a few new features as quickly as possible (we’re working on a pretty cool avatar generator in the background right now and support for tournaments)…and of course to try and get more players (and hopefully start making money).

2. I noticed that I don’t really blog or mention anywhere online about being a dad that often…it’s especially strange when you take into account that, when we had our first son (about 5 years ago) I actually quit my full time, six figure salary, job to be a stay at home dad (and work on my own businesses)…and it wasn’t until Feb. or so of this year that I went back to having a ‘real’ job. Seems like I would do nothing but talk about the kids then eh? I guess it’s just one of those differences between the 'online’ me and the 'real’ me.

And to be fair, though I was officially a stay at home dad, I did own/run two small companies (Falicon Programming Inc. which I continue to do some small consulting gigs as, and Statsfeed LLC which I sold various fantasy stat support packages through)…and I did manage to write a book (and get a few other things published) during that time as well…so I wasn’t completely out of the loop, but it really wasn’t my 'full time’ thing.

In any case, I still like to consider myself a VERY involved dad…and I always have a blast playing with my two sons (Timothy and Brady)…there are no better times than when the wife and I both find the time to take the kids out to a park or on some other adventure together. That’s truly what it’s all about for me.

3. Speaking of connections…I took a few minutes today to finally do some quick searches on facebook for lost friends…I didn’t dig too deep, but I was already able to connect (or rather reconnect) with some really great people who I had some really great times with at one point or another in my journey so far…catching up on their lives was a great way to spend a few minutes just before the holidays. Makes me happy to have had all the experiences I have so far, amazed at all the people I’ve met…and excited to think about what the future might bring!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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