Random conversations

Last night was my kid’s school Christmas pageant (they gather the school in the church and the kids all sing a few songs and do a few skits).

It’s always a heart-warming event to attend, and of course quite the social gathering as well. Some of the people from the community (and the church) also come just to see all the kids dressed up and performing.

As luck would have it last night, one of those random people from the community sat next to me and as we were waiting for the show to start he got to telling me a little bit about his life. It was fascinating to me.

First - he was going to be ninety in about two months (I love talking with older generations as they always have so many interesting stories to share).

Some of the *really* impressive tidbits he shared with me where that he had trained pilots for WWII (6 of which he said were involved in Hiroshima) and he was working at Bell Labs when the transistor was invented!

Overall it didn’t last long as the show itself was only about an hour (and everyone scattered to do various socializing directly after), but as you can imagine I was in awe and *really* enjoyed my short conversation with this gentleman…and I look forward to my next random conversation, whatever (and with whomever) it might be!

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