scriptaculous is pretty sweet!

I’m doing another last minute post (before I go crash for the night) so I don’t have a lot of brain power left to dump once again. But I did have a few quick hits I wanted to mention tonight:

1. For a casual browser based game like Hero Brawl, scriptaculous is really coming in handy. A number of the effects and things can quickly become overkill or just plain silly for a traditional site, but with the game angle it actually makes a lot of sense in a lot of places. Best of all, it’s crazy easy to implement!

2. I thought about a couple of simple twitter bot games I might build at some point in the near future…one is a dodge ball type of game where you at tweet people and they have a certain amount of time to respond or they are ‘hit’…the other is more or less the same thing, but instead of being hit, it’s a volley ball type of game…so you at tweet someone, and they at tweet someone else and it volleys back and forth seeing how long it can keep going before someone 'misses’ (kind of like a beach ball at a concert idea as well)…there is no real point to any of these games (other than stupid fun) so I don’t know if or when I’ll get around to building any…but it was sort of fun to think about them a little today. We’ll see.

3. I gave up an old Goolge Soap API to a friend that made a twitter shout out for one earlier today…which marks the first time I’ve really been able to use Twitter for something 'useful’…and that was pretty cool. Not sure if the actual key I gave up works any more or if it was helpful to my friend, but I do like the idea of being able to just ask the masses for something and actually having one of the masses come through for you.

4. We had an issue at Bowker today that saw a large number of CLOB records be truncated…the data that was supposed to be in those CLOB fields came from XML files that I happened to have digital copies of…and the data get’s inserted via a simple web service…so I quickly hacked together a VERY basic Perl program that read each of the XML files and submitted it to the web service once again…it was a nice, quick, and simple solution to something that was potentially a HUGE data problem. If I get a chance, I’ll share and break down the simple Perl script out here soon (I don’t have a copy on me right now and I don’t feel like taking the time to break the details down right now either).

5. I added a feature to hero brawl tonight so that new accounts now start with a handful of free training sessions (both ability and command training)…right now it’s set at 25 sessions each, but we may adjust that as we see how it really plays out…the basic idea though is that now, new people can train up to a reasonable level right away…so they don’t start out feeling super weak and lame…and hopefully getting them to a 'good’ level right away, gets them hooked faster and more into the overall game play. The other interesting thing this feature adds is another level of strategy…because now new characters have to figure out where/how to spend those initial training sessions (do you max out one ability or do you distribute them across multiple? etc.)…oh and just to be nice, I went ahead and gave all the pre-existing accounts the same free sessions! So regardless of their level, they can go back in now and get the same initial training new accounts are now getting. Cool!

OK so I guess that’s it for now…I’m heading into the city tomorrow to talk a little about the fantasy football industry…so I’ll probably have something to dump about that tomorrow night!

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