slipping into a constant state of chaos...

I’ve fallen out of the habit of daily posting…and I’ve fallen out of the habit of posting every ‘work’ day (whatever that really means since I 'work’ everyday).

I attribute my lack of posting somewhat to my hectic schedule and the sheer volume of projects and ideas I’m trying to breath life into…but the reality is, I’ve just been lazy with the posting.

The truth is, the busier I am, the more I should have to post about. The more I should be able to share. And so I just need to figure out how to keep myself motivated enough to put the little effort it really takes me to do a daily post.

While I kick that goal around in my head along with the thousand other mini-goals I have rattling around in there…let me also share a few tidbits with you:

1. We have set a mini-deadline for our three person team to get a 'first’ version of Hero Brawl done by Nov. 1st. It doesn’t really mean anything other than, we wanted to have a date to work towards and put the idea of 'getting to production’ in our minds. We are being very aggressive (or is it ambitious) with our first mini-goal – but I still think we can do it.

2. I’m starting to throw together an outline and a sample chapter for “Beginning T-SQL”. Once I get more of my idea together, I’ll send it off to my editor/connection at Apress and see what he thinks (ie. see if they have an interest in publishing it). There are already a handful of decent beginner T-SQL books on the market, but it’s an area that Apress is a bit lacking in right now…so there’s a solid chance they’ll want to go ahead with it (assuming I can make a good enough case - BIG assumption). We’ll see.

3. I’m in the middle of a handful of projects for right now – most interesting in my opinion right now is setting up subversion on a slicehost. slicehost has some really great walk-through docs and seem to have a very flexible and powerful system in place. I’m really liking it.

4. I ordered a Dell mini about a week ago, and it still hasn’t shipped! I also ordered a handful of different books from Amazon last week that I haven’t gotten yet. I still view this as MAJOR flaw with the internet…in the same period of time since I placed my order - I happened to be in a Borders and saw all my requested books on the shelf just sitting there waiting to be taken home. I was also at a local Target, where I saw a nice little 9 inch computer with Linux pre-installed and everything. So, had I avoided the internet, I would have had my immediate gratification and already be reaping the benefits.

OK enough tidbits for one night…at the same time that I’m attempting to post this I’m catching up on some TIVO'ed shows and re-ripping my CD collection to iTunes (hard drive died a while back with my whole lib. on it!)…gotta go swap this stack of CDs for the next one!

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