Small fish, big pond OR big fish, small pond?

It’s usually not that hard to be the best, or near the top, when you’re in small group and the stakes are small…and the challenge once you’ve found any level of success is to ‘stay hungry’ and continue to push for more.

The definition of risk is “a situation involving exposure to danger.”…when you small, and just starting out, you really have nothing to lose and so you really don’t have very much 'risk’.  Each level of success moves you a little bit more towards having something to lose, and so it inherently ups your level of risk.

Given enough time and dedication, we all eventually reach a level of success (in something) that brings a related level of risk that becomes paralyzing to innovation. Are you really ready to go back to square one? Can you really walk away from everything you’ve built to this point?

If you’re already a big fish in your little pond, and you’re not willing or interested in risking it all…then you should probably focus on keeping your pond small, and defending your ecosystem (as is)…otherwise, I say “game on”.

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