So here's a quick question...

Is it better to build a system that you aren’t that interested in but you think will make gobs of money…or is it better to build a system that you are very interested in but you aren’t sure if it will make any money?

It’s a loaded question of course, because the real answer is it’s better to build a system that you are very interested in AND you think will make gobs of money.

Still it’s hard to come up with a project that really fits both those requirements…and so given that, if I absolutely had to choose between one or the other I would go with building a system that interests me.

And really in my experience it almost never works out when you try to chase the money…it’s much better to chase your passion or chase your interests…and let the money chase you once you’ve done something really interesting.

So with all that in mind, I’m currently chasing a handful of my own interests…with a handful of people who are all smarter and more talented than myself (which I think is another secret to making it all happen)…here’s a quick list of some of the things I’m chasing (in my spare time):

1. Pat, Steve, and myself are still building and tweaking We’re moving out of hardcore development phase and more into the marketing and partnership stage…and this is where we finally get to ‘see’ if and what works…so it’s a very exciting and interesting time for the project.

2. Tyler shared a great GPS related idea he had with me and I’m hoping to help get it off the ground…right now we are just starting to throw the ideas around and sort of collect our thoughts (and do some basic research). Very early stages, but I’m just excited to be included and really just looking forward to doing something with Tyler.

3. Donnie and I are bouncing around some Twitter (And other open API) ideas…it’s early stages as well, but we’ve already started doing a little coding and a lot of planning…of all the projects I’m currently chasing, this one has some of the most interesting technical aspects/challenges to it for me…and it also has the most potential to blow up quick (depending on the direction we take it)…but as excited as I am about the idea and the things that are going to come out of it, really the most exciting thing of all is again getting to work with someone like Donnie.

4. I’m hacking around on my own to get a simple little blog up (in Catalyst) for…the idea here being that a blog/system focused on Perl should be at least served up by Perl technology and frameworks right? Honestly there’s nothing too exciting about this one, I just want it to exist AND I want to have the experience building this customized blog software with Catalyst…so I’m working on it here and there (when I’m not off on a tangent for one of the other things mentioned above, working on my full time job for, or doing consutling work for Bowker – or you know spending time with the family, eating, sleeping, or any of those other 'real life’ things).

5. Just because it’s proven it makes money, and I still get a lot of people asking to subscribe…I’m thinking about bringing Statsfeed back to life…if/when I do, I’ll probably pull at least Pat and Heath into the mix to help me with management of it all (my main reason for shutting it down was that, while it made OK money, it was too tiring, stressful, and boring for me to keep doing all by myself)

Anyway - of all this stuff, the amazing thing about it all really comes down to the people I’m getting to spend time with and learn from throughout…even though I’m a 'tech’ guy, it’s really the people behind the projects that make things go.

And I’m super excited about the people behind the projects I’m currently chasing!

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