So how's that focus been going?

OK so it appears that I have dropped off the face of the Earth…but it’s not really true. I’ve just been trying my hardest to stick to that ‘focus’ thing I mentioned awhile back.

And overall I’ve been doing pretty good with it…but there are a few big things that popped up since my last post:

First, my proposal to Apress to write a book on Amazon’s SimpleDB was accepted!

I quickly pulled in fellow developer (and all around great guy) Tyler Frieling to help me co-author the book…and also was able to nab developer extraordinaire Pete Williams as a tech. reviewer for the book (and Tyler was able to pull in one of his top developer connections to be another tech. reviewer).

Another interesting tidbit of this book is that we’re doing most of the example code in Python…and since Amazon doesn’t actually have a SimpleDB Python library in their downloads section yet, I got to write it from scratch (I’ll be posting it on this blog soon so anyone that want’s to use it will be able to get it here).

The only real downside to this book project is our deadlines…we want to be done writing in June or July…and that basically means putting in at least a few hours a night on it…so far we’ve been doing pretty good with that pace (we’ve already got two rough drafts of chapters submitted to our editors and we are each working on two more – mine is due next and should be ready by next week)…

But as you can imagine this project along with my full time gig and my consulting work for Bowker is already eating up 99% of my time.

Still, I have managed to move a good chunk of the fubnub API (and rewrite) ahead…Pat’s given me yet another kick butt design as well, and I’m going to work on implementing that right after I finish up this post…after that, all I need is one or two more features and some full blown testing before I can release it to the wild (months after I planned of course).

The story for the other things at the top of my focus list is not as good I’m afraid…I still haven’t done much of anything with the toptenify project (sorry Jason!)…and I haven’t done much with momentum lately either (though Donnie, Pat, and Frank have been picking up the slack for me there quite nicely).

Outside of all that stuff, I have also started talking with Drew Patterson (thanks to an introduction from Charlie) about an exciting new start up he’s putting together…and while we aren’t sure if I’ll officially join his team any time soon, I have started bouncing some ideas around with him and threw together a simple sandbox system for us to start prototyping some of the ideas too…as I get more involved - or once he’s got his team more together and feels comfortable with it - I’ll share more of the idea and details.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got time to dump tonight…I gotta get back to fubnub and writing…but I promise to try harder at keeping this blog updated (and don’t be surprised if I get heavy with the SimpleDB posts for a bit).

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