So you want to buy an item eh?

I spent awhile today (and tonight) implementing ‘items’ into BotFu. The eventual idea is that you’ll be able to buy (with BotFu credits) all kinds of items for your BotFu characters.

Some of these items will allow you to do things like recover life points in fights, some will give you special powers from time to time, and some will just be total bling. You’ll also be able to trade, sell, and gift all these items within the BotFu world.

The funny thing about doing this type of stuff is that people usually think it’s the technical bits of building this type of thing that is hard…it’s not.

It’s the flushing out of every scenario, of every detail, that’s the tricky part of this type of thing.

So far I’ve implemented an admin tool that allows those of us behind the scenes to manage the 'item’ inventory (create/edit and adjust quantity)…and I’ve implemented the ability to purchase items. I still have to work on the whole 'use an item’ part, but that’ll be soon (I promise).

On a top level, it seems easy enough to work this stuff in…but when you sit down and think about it for a minute or two, you start to realize that you’ve got to worry about things like “what if they don’t have enough credits?”, “what if we don’t have enough inventory?”, “what if they have some credits, but not enough to buy all that they want?”…and a million other scenarios.

It can quickly explode into a massive project…but honestly, for me, this is a BIG part of what I like about development…scenario thinking and problem solving.

Which isn’t to say I’m any good at it, but it is fun for me none the less…you’ll have to wait until the system is released before you can judge for yourself if I’m getting it right.

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