some additional thoughts on hiring.

Just catching up on a few blogs and I ran across the latest nugget* from Nate Westheimer where he talks a little bit about hiring and what he’s currently focusing on as they build the team up at picturelife.

We are just starting to build out the team a bit more at PubGears** as well, so this topic is very much on my mind these days.

At this specific moment in time, we are looking for an awesome “ad ops” person and in fact interviewed our first candidate just the other day.

The very first question I asked was “when you aren’t working, what do you do for fun?”.

I asked this because I think in the early stages of a company, and especially while the whole team is VERY small (we are only a team of 4 right now), the personality and the passion a person brings into the company is the single most important factor.

That’s not to say that they don’t need skills…but by the time we’ve asked you in for an interview, I feel pretty safe assuming you’ve got enough skills (or can fake it well enough on paper and through an initial interview) that quizzing you is mostly a waste of everyone’s time.  And really, I know anyone that has the right amount of passion and interest can learn whatever they need to make a real contribution to our efforts.

So - trying to get at the person’s passion, finding out what drives them, what would make them want to get up in the morning and be excited for the challenges they are going to face that day…and how well that fits with our existing group (both in what gaps it fills as well as what strengths it re-enforces)…these are the things we can’t get wrong in bringing in #5 to our group (or #6-#25*** really)…and so these are the things I’m also quite focused on and thinking about a lot these days.

When it comes to hiring, what do you focus on? What assumptions do you make? How much emotion do you bring to the process?

* Read Nate’s whole insightful post at

** Yes, I realize I haven’t mentioned PubGears here yet, but now that we’ve officially closed down, I can finally start to talk about PubGears (the startup I joined back in December to build out the tech and help the company continue to scale/grow). So expect to hear a lot more about PubGears around here going forward!

*** BTW - if you’re a developer (or know one) looking to get involved in some really fun (and slightly crazy) stuff with me, I want to chat with you asap! We’ll be looking more aggressively to fill the role in the coming weeks, but if you’re ready now, so are we. ;-)

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