Some newish blog stuff -- but basically the same old blog. Back again.

So it's been awhile since I've been blogging — at least here on I've mostly been pushing all my content to my drip campaign or just randomly throwing my thoughts onto Twitter for most of the last year (or more).

Some of that is because I just haven't had a ton of motivation to sit down and write, some of it is because I haven't felt like I've had a lot to add, some of it is because I was playing around with and figuring out how best to use the platform, and some of it was because of the platform where I had my blog hosted.

Orig. — me being me — I wrote my own little blogging platform way, way, way back when...but over time, and as more modern features got popular and then expected, I moved the content from one system to another...and eventually found my blog hosted via Tumblr where it's been more or less happily running for at least five years.

However, over those years, Tumblr was sold and the crowd mostly moved on...and truth be told, I was never a great fit for the Tumblr platform...I'm a text and code guy. Tumblr was an images and trends kind of site. The cool kids hung out there, and I just kinda hung out in a distant little corner. I could see the party going on, but I wasn't really "in it".

So - for at least the last couple of years I've been thinking about where, when, and how to move my blog.

I just couldn't bring myself to deal with Wordpress, Drupal, or any of those sorts of offerings...but was it worth it to really write a basic little blogging platform just for myself? Should I bother pulling out all my old Tumblr posts (many of which already have bad dates and/or formatting from the previous transfers over the years)? Do I even think I'll blog that much anymore...I mean I haven't really posted in about a year or more

And, aren't there a lot of other things I can, should, and would rather be doing anyway?

I went as far as to export all my content from Tumblr towards the end of last year...and about a month or so ago, I actually pointed the domain to my Dig Down Labs site (which just lists some of the active/live side projects I am currently maintaining).

So...since then, my blog has been dead.

Didn't even notice did you?!

Seriously though - even after turning it all off, and no one really noticing, I continued to struggle with the idea of not having the content up.

I know that over the years, I've gained some good friends and lots of knowledge because of some of my posts and ideas here...and if nothing else, I've often used my own blog to help me remember (or relearn) some random bit of information I needed.

So I knew there was at least some personal value in getting it all back up and available. I also knew that I didn't really need something all that powerful or complex. It doesn't have to even look great (thank god).

So over the past couple of weeks, with a few minutes here and a few minutes there, I finally sat down and wrote a brand new "version one" of an insanely lightweight blogging system...intended only for me and

And today, right now, you are reading the very first (live) post to be published with it.

Here's to hoping that, finally having a basic version out there, it motivates me to get back to blogging with a little more frequency (and clarity) in the days and months to come...

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