Some rambling on Push notifications.

Push notifications should be the digital equivelant of the candy rack at the check out counter. Hitting me up with stuff I don’t really need or want, at just the moment when, and in just the right way so that, I might actually buy something.

The candy rack works I think, because of it’s location and timing. Put it in any location that doesn’t have forced traffic with forced down time so that it’s noticed, and it will barely move any product.

So how do you do that with push notifications?

I think the secret comes from paying attention.  Don’t push stuff to me every chance you get, instead pay attention to what I’m doing and when I’m doing it…when you notice I’m deviating from that norm. (my norm.) by all means ‘push’ something to me to get me back on track (and then pay attention to see if my 'norm.’ changes).

Do that, and you’ll get my “WOW”…and probably more importantly, you’ll earn MY attention…anything else and you’ll just annoy me.

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