Some random thoughts on the social web...

I’ve been meaning to flesh out some thoughts on the ‘social web’, but haven’t found the time to sit down and actually do it. So instead of the nice, clean, thoughtful post I wanted to do, I’m just going to do the rough cut version and dump the basic notes I’ve got floating around in my head…

Social is really all about showing that you care and that you are paying attention to what someone has to say. Therefore, software should do what it can to also 'pay attention’ to what users are saying/doing…it’s probably the best way to build an online brand and offer up an unbeatable experience for users (something worth talking about and sharing).

Looking at a few services/features that I think are good examples to help prove this point:

1. - killer feature is analytics…basically it’s a service to help you measure how many people are paying attention to you.

2. chartbeat - killer feature is real-time analytics…basically it’s a service to help you measure how many people are paying attention to your website/content right now.

3. Facebook likes - easy way to say “I am paying attention to you and appreciate your thoughts”

4. Instagram/Pintrest - I see you and am paying attention to what you are pointing out.

5. Comments/discussions (ie. Disqus and the like) - I’m paying attention…and here are my thoughts/reactions to it.

…there are of course many more examples that I could go into…but I think, if you’re paying attention (*har* *har*), you see my point. The social web is really all about paying attention and letting the people you are paying attention to, that you are in fact paying attention.

If this is true, then I think the 'next big thing’ on the internet is likely to be something that helps make 'paying attention’ or 'showing that I’m paying attention’ easier…

What do you think?

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