Some thoughts on the fallout of this election.

The tough part of it all to swallow for me is that I had conned myself into thinking, we as a society, were better than this. That we had evolved and moved on from the centuries of hate, stupidity, and selfishness that our history books are filled with.

I thought that we were actually making incredible strides towards being a more accepting and loving society…but this all makes it clear that we aren’t as far along the process as I had thought. Our wins were smaller than we had thought.

The good news (well in the bigger picture sense)?

This is a reality check on where we are at this point in time. We are more aware now, then ever, of the serious work we still have left to do.

Though this might be a serious set back, we won’t quit. The fight for decency, honor, and respect doesn’t stop. It grows. We grow.

Education, time, patience, and endless effort are the only ways to (eventually) win this thing…prob. won’t be in our lifetime…so don’t look for immediate fixes or solutions but instead think about how we can make the next generation a little more aware, a little more civil, a little better to each other than we have been…it’s evolution, and it takes time. Lots and lots of time.

In the meantime we try to control our own emotions, our own reactions, and the little things about ourselves and how *we* react to others and situations…but we can’t stop pushing for the evolution, and we can’t stop working on ourselves.

Open beats closed. Tolerance beats bigotry. Community beats seclusion. Time & patience win every time (eventually).

I think it’s all we can really do.

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