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I got some really great feedback and ideas today from Bret Terrill on the current state of Hero Brawl. Bret’s got an awesome blog and always comes with tons of great suggestions, so he’s someone I really look up to in the games (especially social games) world right now.

So I consider it a huge win that he even takes a second to check out our little project…but he’s already done so much more, he’s actually dug around a bit inside of it and come back with specific things we can/should do to improve it overall. Amazing!

One of the big points he makes that I completely agree with is that the user interface at the moment is heavily geared towards the experienced or knowledgeable player…and that makes it VERY hard for beginners to get into the game and get hooked.

We’ve been struggling with this fact since the start of the project really…believe it or not, it’s DARN hard to design a game that’s both interesting and fun as well as easy to understand and play! Go figure.

Add to the fact that we’ve been building much of this game/system ad-hoc and on the fly as we think of things, and you can probably start to see how things just sort of snowball into a seriously complex U.I.

But we are approaching a slow down point in new development and features (at least for a bit while we shift our focus to player acquisition and marketing)…and so it also seems like a good time to start taking a step back and thinking about all the features and goodies we’ve got.

What’s really core to the game, and what’s just simple fun?

What must we present to the beginners…and what can wait to be displayed or given until the player progresses through the game a bit more?

It’s an interesting phase to be heading into for me, and I’m already learning a ton about game design that, as a player, you never really seem to notice.

Anyway - it’s gonna be another fun ride, and I’m sure I’ll be sharing a lot of the trip with you…so stay tuned!

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