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I had a whole post lined up in my mind yesterday to talk about consulting, having the freedom to do the work I want to do, and dump out a few new ideas I’ve been thinking about…but before I could sit down to actually write said post, I started working on my proof-of-concept fantasy football magazine and the next thing I knew it was way past my bed time! So no post.

Having missed the moment (in my head), I’m not going to bother to dump out all the details of what I was thinking about yesterday…but I will give you a few quick hits:

1. As you can probably tell I’m really into the idea right now. I’m throwing together a single issue, 8 page, magazine that I’m going to be using for my fantasy football draft in New Orleans later this month…it’s taking me forever to get the layout done (mostly because I’m not that good with InDesign yet)…but once I get it together, I’ll probably drop a mention and/or a link to it here (I *might* even release the PDF for free if anyone really wants it).

2. I tweaked a handful of things for fubnub behind the scenes the past few days and got the first version of the filter features released (sort, group, chop like features)…you can find it in action on – it still needs some more work, but it’s getting there little by little.

3. I nabbed another domain yesterday ( )…I think there’s a blog, a wiki, a book, and a magazine in there somewhere. I just have to dig in and find it all. The basic idea though, is to aggregate information and stories about failed startups and projects (what people learned from the experience and that sort of thing)…

4. I’m also toying with the idea of a tech. related magazine or two…not sure just which topic I want to cover yet, but the ones on the top of my list right now are in no particular order: Catalyst, Web Programming in general, Perl, Programming Web Services, Programming with frameworks….or a handful of other things floating around in my head from time to time…

As you can see, I’m on a heavy ‘magazine’ angle right now…so all my ideas are sort of floating in that direction right now…we’ll see if/what I do about any of them…I’m pretty sure I’ll publish at least one or two just to see what it’s really like.

So I guess the real question will be “will anyone buy or notice the issues I publish?”…should be a fun ride finding out!

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