Still kicking it around...

I’m still looking to write another book before too long, but I haven’t come up with the killer topic just yet (well at least not that my publishing contacts think is killer).

The book I’m actually most interested in writing right now is what I’m calling (in my head) “Programming Concepts”…and what I want it to cover are various approaches to programming and simple explanations of certain technologies or ideas.

For example, a single chapter would give some details about what functional programming is, what are some of the popular functional programming languages, things to think about when writing ‘functional’-based software as well as the generally perceived pros and cons of the functional programming approach.

I would then also have chapters on other approaches too like object oriented programming, stack-based programming, procedural programming, etc.

In addition to those chapters I would like to focus a chapter or two each on things like meta programming, frameworks, design patterns, closures, continuations, etc. … for each of these I would just want to dive in a little explaining what each is, how to apply them, and where/why it’s good to know/use them.

I guess in a lot of ways, it’s a bit of a CS101 book…and really pretty ambitious.

Possibly two reasons why I haven’t had anyone really say “YEAH! I want that book to exist!”…but also to be fair I’m still early enough in the idea phase that I haven’t really submitted a formal outline or proposal to any of my contacts.

Actually this is really the first I’ve even mentioned it to anyone in this complete of an explanation (and as you can see that’s not very complete at all)…it’s mostly just been bouncing around in my head for awhile taking different turns, twists, and flops.

Now that the basics are out on the blog though I’m hoping that it motivates me to put some more work into the outline (and throw together a sample chapter or two).

And honestly, I’m sort of hoping that one or two of you awesome readers will post some ideas to help me make the concept more concrete and focused.

I know, I know, asking for one or two of you is really asking about 50% of my readership for feedback! But those one or two of you are my friends, so I figure it’s OK to lean on you every so often - right?!

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