That work thing...

I’m spattering the posts as of late I know…the good news is that it’s entirely a result of over committing myself to do too many projects, help too many people, and learn too many things.

So the blogging suffers, but the action continues!

Anyway, here’s a quick list of things I’m currently spending my waking hours on (and truth be told, many of my non-waking hours as well):

1. The momentum project with Donnie and Frank. Last week we were pretty close to having a stable prototype that we could start to build our first apps against…since that time I’ve been off working on some ideas related to trigrams, twitter bios, and interesting links…I wrote a handful of code to do the basics of what I want already, and I’ve tested it out to confirm that it does some pretty interesting things…but I haven’t had a chance to release it as an app for the general public to play with yet (that task is on my short list though)…I also haven’t talked with Frank or Donnie since last week, so I need to do that sooner rather than later to see where we are with the bigger picture. I believe I’m going to have to plug in some Lucene stuff just as soon as Donnie feels good about the system he’s been building (like a madman!)

2. I started porting the project from a mashup of PHP and Perl to a pure Perl project (using Catalyst). At the same time, I’m adding in an API that I intend to release to the general public free of charge…again I haven’t had a chance to just finish it out, but it’s getting a little closer each day. In addition to these changes and updates, I’m also going to move the system that it all runs on and changing the datastore from MS SQL to PostgreSQL. Once I get it to where I want, I’ll have to port the actual data from the one database to the other…and then I’ll update the DNS and such to point to the new system. So it is really a bit more than just adding in a new API…I guess I never can just doing something the easy and simple way.

3. I haven’t put any time into the toptenify project this past week or two…the main reason being that I’m short on time, but I’ve also been having a lot of trouble getting a Rails application properly set up to run on the account…I’m sure I’m just being stupid about something, but so far I haven’t had the time to really debug the problems.

4. I’m bouncing a proposal back and forth with my contacts at Apress for another book I want to write. I think I’ve got a pretty good chance of getting this one through the approval process, and if so, I’m really thinking about using the toptenify project as the app the users build throughout the book. We’ll see where it goes, but I’m excited for the potential of these two things coming together!

5. I’m working on an API for as part of the day job…the most interesting part of this is really just that I’m actively working on developing API’s for at least three of the projects I’m involved in…each is feeding ideas to the other, and I feel like I’m really improving my API design skills (of course we’ll see how any of them turn out!)

6. We’re moving little by little ahead with bringing back to life…and I’m still getting emails once or twice a week about (so there’s still a market for that service as well if I bring it back to life)…I’m going to meet with Pat tomorrow to talk a little bit more about all the potential projects I’ve got going, what each will take in the next few months, which ones have the best short and long term potential, and basically what we want to focus on…

There’s a ton more, but that’s all I have energy to chat about tonight…I’ll try to catch you up more tomorrow if I can find the time (and energy)!

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