The coder's rap

“I’m not a baller or a shot caller
I don’t do drugs or hangout with thugs
But I still pay the bills and get my thrills
Cause I dream in code and prototype with Node”
- Falicon

Ben Horowitz has a great post up today about The Legend of The Blind MC and his personal love affair with Hip Hop. At the end of it he even links over to a post on Rap Genius where you can actually listen to four songs from his Blind Def Crew days (of the four, Bedrock actually isn’t half bad; with a little production love I think it might have been a one-hit wonder)

Anyone who has known me for any length of time probably knows that I’m also a pretty big Hip Hop fan and have been since the early 80’s as well – mostly thanks to my childhood friend Steve bringing me back mix tapes from Detroit radio.

Growing up in the rural area of Erie, PA most of the radio stations were of course country, pop, or classic rock and being the 80s the bigger trend with the kids in my area was really Heavy Metal. But I was never really into Metal – that was my sister’s thing.

Like Ben mentioned, there was something really raw and interesting that connected with me in the early Hip Hop days. And it wasn’t just the raw topics they were rapping about, it was the fast thinking, the pacing…the pure energy that went into everything they seemed to do.

And of course the stories – even the worst of songs told some type of story, usually rooted in some type of real-life event.

Honestly, I didn’t understand it all (I probably still don’t)…but I was hooked from the first time I heard RUN DMC, Dana Dane, and the Beastie Boys.

How could you not be?

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