The early trickle

I’ve been in meetings and busy in the city most of today…so limited email, limited blogging, and limited online communication as a whole.

Still as I finally grab a few minutes to check email and catch up I see that throughout the day new Coach Wizard accounts have started to trickle into the system.

I have no idea where they are coming from yet (or who is telling them about the site) but that’s one of my favorite moments of any new service (we people I didn’t push start to find the system)

Of course it’s also a scary moment because I know our product is still only a shell of what we intend to build…and it doesn’t yet have the real ‘wow’ out of the box we are after…so I can only hope these new and random users are foregiving and patient as we ramp up as quickly as possible.

Either way it’s an exciting moment and I’m looking forward to digging into the stats more when I get some real time back at my desk!

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