The end of conversationlist...for now.

Today I’ve finally decided to shut down the current version of

It’s been a fun project to build and maintain over the past couple of years, but interest seems to have plateaued over the past six months and we’ve never bothered to try and turn the project into a profit center (honestly, I’ve never tried to make any money with it at all - instead I just keept it running because it was a fun little project that had got some good attention).

Still, it’s at a level now that costs me about $70 a month in server resources (it rebuilds about 15,000 twitter lists every day)…and honestly I feel like Twitter lists (at least as far as I’m involved/interested in them) have run their route as well.

So I’ve decided it’s best to commit that $70 towards other projects that I’m currently excited about.

As with all the projects I do, I’ve got backups of the code and underlying data sets…so there is still a chance I might do something more with the domain in the near future (I’ve actually got a lot of interest and ideas around the general ‘conversation’ theme - so don’t be surprised to see it emerge as something new before long)…but for now it’s going dark.

If you’ve got questions, concerns, or comments around this decision please feel free to leave a comment below…just because is going away, doesn’t mean I am ;-)

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