The funny thing about your data...

On the internet things can live forever (or at least a REALLY REALLY long time)…today I just got a notice about some comments about a song recommendation I made on a friend’s site sometime before May 2001 (apparently he didn’t track the posting date before then!).

First I’m sort of amazed that he’s still go this site up and running (but then again, why not? I don’t think it’s costing him anything in time, money, or work, so let it live…let it live).

But more so than that, I’m amazed and a bit happy to have this window into some random thoughts I had about music some point before May of 2001.

For one reason or another, I often wonder if the me of present day would actually like the me of the past (or the future)…I suspect I would only casually like either of those versions (I’m quite sure I would think the me of Yester years was a dolt, and the me of yet-to-be years is too much of a boring know it all).

Anyway, it’s interesting to see your internet actions live on…and it’s also a good reminder that more and more in this digital age (with video/camera cell phones and other recording devices) just about everything you ever do is public and findable (if someone really wants to dig into your history)…doing something stupid today can come back to bite you years down the road more than ever before.

Which is a bit of a shame for those of us that do stupid things all the time…but I guess that’s just the life and times we live in now. :D

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