The hardest thing...

In my experience over the years, the single hardest part to starting anything is not the idea, building the software or service, dealing with competition, or even in getting customers…no.

The hardest thing is always in building the team.

Finding the right people, with the right motivations, and the right talents…who are also willing to dive into what you are trying to build (vs. focusing on their own ideas and projects)…is a constant and massive struggle.

It’s especially difficult in the very early days of a project where there is no money and no guarantee of success - there is only the dream and a mountain of work that lays in the way of achieving it.

Even after you start to build some success, and have more resources, I’m not sure that it ever gets easier…at least it never has for me.

For me it’s always been, and probably always will be, the hardest thing…and hence the thing I lose the most sleep over than anything else.

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