The long term goal for


The long term vision for is deep conversation search that reaches throughout the long tail of the internet and provides access like never before to the high quality people and conversations that are occurring throughout the unknown corners of the internet every day.

Along the way we’ll help fix search for bloggers, give them some search-related tools and analysis to help them improve their craft, and help them increase their readership quality, engagement, and volume.

So let it be said, so let it be done.

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This is the personal blog of Kevin Marshall (a.k.a Falicon) where he often digs into side projects he's working on for and other random thoughts he's got on his mind.

Kevin has a day job as CTO of Veritonic and is spending nights & weekends hacking on Share Game Tape. You can also check out some of his open source code on GitHub or connect with him on Twitter @falicon or via email at kevin at

If you have comments, thoughts, or want to respond to something you see here I would encourage you to respond via a post on your own blog (and then let me know about the link via one of the routes mentioned above).