The painful truth.

One of the things I’m a big believer in is open communication. I think it’s important to keep invested or interested parties up-to-date as much as possible (without overwhelming them in minute details).

In fact, this core belief is one of the motivations behind my own blogging…because here I can ramble on in as much or as little detail as I like each day…and then I can just reference various little snippets or posts as I need to when trying to communicate larger things in shorter ways.

Anyway - as I hustle to get the Coach Wizard company up and standing on it’s own feet…I’ve compiled a very small, but highly awesome, list of people I consider to be ‘insiders’.  These are not investors (yet), but they are people that I highly respect and that I think can add a lot of value and help in all that I’m trying to accomplish in putting this new company together.

So I try to keep these people in the loop on what I’m doing, where the company is at, and what our next steps actually are….all in a short-as-possible email about once a month.

I just sent that note out today to my current list (BTW - if you want to be added to the insider list just reach out to me any time).

It was much much longer than I had hoped…and I probably spent way too much time putting it all together considering none of them are actually investors (yet) or have any real vested interest in what we are doing (beyond being friendly to me).

It was also probably a horrible time to send it as so many people are either not working or are just zoned out for the end-of-year Holidays. Of course those of us trying to start something don’t have the interest or luxury of either of those options – and since the list of things I need to get done is longer than I can actually get done (and the list of things I wish to get done is even longer than that)…it goes out when I make the time to get it out (regardless of how optimal that might be or not).

But the real kicker in all of this is that, while the note is meant to be something to motivate and excite people (especially at our current stage) it’s a bit depressing for me to sit down and actually write.


It’s a bit depressing because I am forced to tell (and face) the truth of our current stage - that we aren’t moving as fast as I would like.

Overall we are where we expected/planned/hoped we would be at this stage - so it’s not at all 'bad’ news…it’s just that I’m so excited and anxious about the opportunities that we are executing against, that I can’t help but get a little impatient.

The truth is that it takes patience, dedication, and lots of effort (plus a little luck) to build a company the right way.

I believe we are doing it the right way and I’m proud of where we are, how we are starting, but I’m not going to lie…it’s also a bit depressing and painful at times to be at this spot and to be moving at this pace.

But who knows…in four or five years, we just might be an overnight success!

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