The path from prototype to product

The prototype phase is all about testing and trying ideas.  Throwing features at the wall and seeing, through real action, what’s useful. What’s easy. What’s hard.

What people actually use. What people ask for based on the start. What people ignore. What people struggle with.

And perhaps most important of all…what story people start to form in their heads around what you are doing.

As you start to answer these questions, and move from prototype to real product, it’s important to clarify and enable more of that story for the user.

Regardless of what you want it to be, the story your real users tell *is* your story.

Make it even easier for them to understand it. Make it even easier for them to fall in love with it…and make it even easier for them to start to share it.

And remember…often times this means removing features, not adding them.  It means simplifying design, not “improving” it.  It means less and more powerful copy, not more explanation.

The path from prototype to product is one of my favorite parts of the journey…there’s just so much to do, so much to learn, and so much potential…I just can’t help but be excited and passionate about this phase.

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