The problem with ambitious projects.

My latest project is quite possibly the most ambitious project I’ve ever attempted (and that’s probably saying something being that I’ve [successfully] built a real time stats service, a book, and a search engine among other things).

From a ‘grand vision’ sense, this is a very exciting thing. But from an execution standpoint, it’s actually very daunting.

Nothing moves as fast as you like. Everything that is so simple and clear in your head on the conceptual level actually breaks down into extremely complex and involved bits on the detailed execution level.

To make matters worse, everyone and everything starts to look like a potential competitor (who is already further along and better funded of course).

Especially until you can get your product into the market, you find yourself constantly questioning the idea, the market, and your ability to make it all happen.

Of course the answer is that you’ve simply got to keep your blinders on, focus insanely on your 'why’, and push forward on your agenda daily…but even doing all that doesn’t mean that your days won’t be full of anxiety, turmoil, and fear…

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